About Paradox Project

The Venue

After the establishment of escape rooms in Greece, time has come for the game to escape the room. Paradox Project evolves on this kind of games and creates the first escape house in the country - one real house 120m2, in a old .. full of mystery and mysteries. Explore many room and discover hidden passages...

The Philosophy

We believe is of first importance the game, beyond the search of hidden objects, the unlocking of lockets and the input of codes , is the story behind. One story with start and end, middle and end that gives you the opportunity to become the protagonist of your own narative...

The Goal

...is not to escape!Utilizing logic, perception, observation, your five senses and the specific skills of each member of your gang, showing a clear mind, temper, and teamwork, you are asked to unravel the mystery, shaping the outcome of the plot ...

First Tab

An unexpected invitation. A distant relative, who has years to give signs of life, reappears. As senses guilty outstanding persecute him, invites you to his mansion, to share with you a secret, which has its roots in the distant past and adventurist years in Africa … Are you ready to discover the bitter truth?

Second Tab

Lay down in your way catnip stuck in a tree, sunbathe kittens.

Third Tab

sleep in the sink climb the curtains attack, give me fish.

The Story

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   Paradox Project, besides being the biggest sized escape game in Greece, is also the lengthiest: 3 hours unique experience! However, for any team desiring it ,the game can be also broken into 2 parts! In addition ,teams can play whatever time?()? throughout the day, thats right we are open 24/7 (?)!

*subject to availability(?)


 You can also make a book by phone at +30 2109523357.

You can book a  game at the above number for games 24/7

Also on call conducted team building events and Birthday!






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Κράτηση, αλλαγή και ακύρωση

Reservation is mandatory and is the special platform on our site. If someone has a problem with it, you can contact us by phone at 2109523357


Due to the nature of our game, it is very important to arrive on site the exact time of your reservation. Reception of groups can not be done earlier and desired is that all participants enter at the same time.

Payment Options

Cash only at this moment

How many players can participate?

3-7, but we believe that the ideal number of participants is 4 - 5. If you are alone or 2 persons, contact us to try to integrate you in any team!

Change number of players

If the number of players changes there is no need to contact us, just consider the possible change in pricing.

Game difficult / participants age

Age limit does not exist, but children under 12 must be accompanied. The difficulty of the game escalates. The complexity of individual puzzle is relative, as it depends on the specific capabilities of each.<br />

Can I play Part 2 directly?

Unfortunately not, you will have lost much of the history of the game as possibly and data necessary for the completion of Part 2.

Can a claustrophobic person play?

The fact that the game takes place in an entire house rather than in a single room, making it extremely difficult for someone to feel uncomfortable. However, if this occurs, our intervention will be immediate.

Help during the game

At any moment the team stuck and unable to move on, may require assistance to be given the


Players Reviews

"Loved it!! All the 7 of us had a great time! The best secret rooms and the best riddles of all the rooms we had tried until now ( and they are many) ! All should try it."

Irena Papanastasatou

They wrote about us

Metropolis FreePress

Adventure Advocate

The Escapers

Contact Us

Charokopou 93 & El.Venizelou (Thiseos)
Kallithea, 17676, Attika
2nd floor
+30 2109523357
How to reach us
By Train
5 minutes from Tayros Station
With Bus from
040 (24/7)
Troley 1 or 5 from Syntagma
Stop : Charokopou
Visiting hours
24 hours, 7 days a week – by appointment

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