What Is The Paradox Project

The Space

Shortly after escape rooms appeared in Greece, it was time for the game to escape the rooms. Paradox Project 1 is the evolution of the game, the first Escape House in Greece - a real 120m² home at a neoclassical building full of mystery & secrets... Paradox Project 2 is hiding even more, in a cinematic & immersive experience, exploring many rooms & discovering secret passages...

The Philosophy

We believe that of vital importance, except for finding hidden clues, unlocking locks & inputting codes, is the script. A story with a beginning & an ending, that offers the chance to become the protagonists & make decisions...

The Goal

...is not escaping! By deploying logic, awareness, your five senses, & each team's member skills, & showcasing clear mind, composure & teamwork, you are asked to solve the mystery & decide the outcome...

The First Story

Paradox Project 1: The Mansion
An unexpected invitation. A long distanced relative, after a long time, appears again. Sensing guilty loose ends coming after him, he invites you to his Mansion, to share a secret with roots dating back to his past & his adventurous time in Africa… Are you ready to discover the bitter truth?…

Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore
After the events at The Mansion… As you left, you forgot something… The consequences, merciless, are after you… Lurking behind your backs, hidden in the shadows you created during you adventure…  The masks are off… The rules have changed… The crucial time has come… Now that you discovered the bitter truth… can you live with it?…

The Second Story

Paradox Project 3: The Music Academy

A unique Music Academy… Notes full of hidden secrets which are intertwined and form a transcendental melody lost for centuries….

The intensity of the crescendo drowns out the agonizing sounds of agonizing breathing in a predestined finale… The music stops…
A tragedy buried in darkness… Years later, one final chance for justice…

Now that everything is collapsing, there are no rules anymore… 


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Booking, Change or Cancellation

Booking a game is mandatory & can be done at the booking section of our website, by email, by contacting us on our Facebook page or by calling us at +306957272369 or at +302109523357. To change or cancel your game please contact us at least two days before.


Due to our games nature, it is extremely vital to arrive at the place of the game you have booked exactly on time. Teams can not enter the games way ahead of the arranged time & please note that ALL teams members are advised to enter together, so please make sure that all of you are gathered on time.

Being Late

Due to the long duration of our games, we inform you that if you arrive late, there is a chance that the game will be canceled or shortened. Please make sure that all teams members are gathered on time outside the correct place of each game.

How many people can play?

The allowed number of team members is 3 to 7 for Paradox Project: The Mansion & 4 to 7 for Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore. If you are fewer people please contact us to talk about options or the possibility to integrate you with another team. Also, please not that teams of more than 7 people will not be allowed to play the game, so make sure to contact us in advance.

Change of team members after the booking

If the number of team members change after you have booked a game, there is no to inform us, as long as it is still in the allowed limits (3 to 7 for Paradox Project: The Mansion & 4 to 7 for Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore). Please not that the cost might change.

Games difficulty / Ages allowed

Our games are challenging & also long in duration, so they are recommended for teams that have played some escape rooms before, to enjoy them to the maximum. All ages over 10 years old are welcomed at Paradox Project: The Mansion, but young children will be accompanied from a member of our team. The minimum age limit for Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore is 16 years old. For parties & events you are advised to contact us in advance.

Can I play the games in any order?

Yes,with the exception of the Bookstore, which is the direct sequel to the Mansion & should be played after it. The Music Academy is a different story,so it can be played at any time.

Can someone claustrophobic play the games?

The fact that our games take place in big spaces with multiple rooms make it difficult for someone to feel claustrophobic in our games. In the event that this happens, a member of our team would be with you shortly to help you, pausing the game if needed.

Help & Hints during the game

At any point of the game that the team is stuck or delayed, they may ask for a hint or the Game Master will send them something when they think its fit. We are doing our best to give hints in a way that are both fitting to the story but also not giving away the answer.



"Περάσαμε απίθανα ! αξιαγάπητος gamemaster, έξυπνοι γρίφοι, ανατρεπτικό σενάριο, 3 ώρες γεμάτες ένταση και μυστήριο !!! ούτε καταλάβαμε πως πέρασε η ώρα ! θέλουμε και συνέχεια !!!"

Markos And Anna

"Loved it!! All the 7 of us had a great time! The best secret rooms and the best riddles of all the rooms we had tried until now ( and they are many) ! All should try it."

Irena Papanastasatou

"Ωραίο στήσιμο των δωματίων! Οι γρίφοι παρά πολυ πρωτότυποι! Τα λουκέτα είναι τα ελάχιστα δυνατά! Προτείνω την τρίωρη εμπειρία! Η εξυπηρέτηση άψογη!"

Giorgos Liana Papastavrou Maragkou

"Περάσαμε απίστευτα! Πανέξυπνοι γρίφοι και τελεια ατμόσφαιρα"

Xenia Sp

"Νιώθεις ότι πραγματικά το ζεις!! Εκπληκτικό.. πολύ καλό στημένο ο χρόνος μιλάμε δεν καταλαβαίνεις ποτέ περνάει σε κρατάει πάντα σε ένταση αυτό το σπίτι! ! Η γρίφοι έξυπνοι κ πρωτότυποι.. ευχόμαστε να υπάρχει και συνέχεια! !"

Katerina Agrimaki

"Φοβεροί γρίφοι και παζλ, πολύ όμορφη ατμόσφαιρα και απο τα λίγα με πραγματικό σενάριο!"

Kimonas Gikontis


Wrote for us

The Logic Escapes Me

Escape the Review

The Escapers

Room Escaper

Escape the review


Mansion & Bookstore Address 
Charokopou 93
Music Academy Address
Agion Panton 92

-Kallithea, 17676, Attica

– info@paradoxproject.gr
-+30 6957272369

How can you find us?
-By train
5 minutes from Tavros Stasion
-By bus or trolley
040 (all day line) / 1 & 5 from Syntagma or Sygrou Fix
Station: Charokopou

Company Hours

-24/7 – With Booking Reservation

The Paradox Project Team. All Rights Reserved. - Financing by ΕΣΠΑ
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